3-5 Page Paper

3-5 Page Paper


Select what you believe are the top three most important leadership attributes as discussed in weeks 1-8 (e.g., visionary, problem-solver, team builder, manager of emotional intelligence, communicator, liaison, planner, etc.). 

Identify a leader of an organization and assess their ability to exemplify these attributes in the workplace. Explain the challenges of the company and how this leader created change (or is in the process).  

In addition, identify the leadership theory that best reflects this leader’s approach, providing examples and research as needed.

Some additional things to consider when preparing your paper:

  1. You use APA format for your title page, body of the paper, citations, and references.
  2. You DO NOT need an abstract
  3. Work hard to avoid the use of first person (e.g., I, us, we, our) and second person (e.g., you, yours).  As you progress in your educational journey, you will be expected to use third person.
  4. The paper length (i.e., the body of the paper) will be no less than 3 pages and no more than 7 pages.