5MS2 Re

5MS2 Re


For Part II, you will use your theoretical review and critique from Part I to develop your personal theory of leadership.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Personal Theory of Leadership
    1. Introduction: Briefly summarize the theories you analyzed in Part I, focusing on an overview of the key aspects from that analysis that will inform the discussion of your personal leadership style and its application.
    2. Identify aspects of the theories of leadership discussed earlier that you would like to incorporate into your personal theory of leadership. Be sure to include the potential impact on transformational change.
    3. Determine how theory and practice intersect in your personal leadership theory. How do the exemplary leaders inform your personal theory of leadership?
    4. Differentiate which aspects of your theory are essential to you and which aspects are more flexible and therefore less essential. Be sure to address potential impact on internal and external stakeholders.
    5. Differentiate which aspects of your theory seem the most challenging and the most comfortable to you and why. What are the intersections between these aspects and those you identified as essential and flexible?

Submission, APA, 2 pages, in-text citations, references