For this assignment, you will create a document or presentation which communicates about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for businesses. Please follow the instructions below to create your document. Be sure to follow APA guidelines. 


In this module, we introduced the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and discussed its advantages. For this assignment, consider a scenario where you have been asked by your marketing manager to create a presentation about CRM for the company's overall management team.

  1. Create a document or presentation about CRM which incudes the items listed below.
    • Your deliverable may be a written memo, a brochure, PowerPoint presentation, or video.  Did you know?? Communicating information creatively is a very useful skill for today's business professionals. See Handout – 'How To' Resources for Creative Deliverables (Canvas).pdf to view resources that can assist you in creating some of these types of deliverables. 
  2. In your deliverable, please include the following:
    • What is CRM? 
    • Distinguish between the overall concept of CRM and CRM platforms.
    • Describe what you believe are the three (3) most important benefits or advantages of using CRM.
    • List a few examples of CRM platforms.
    • Summarize how CRM can help a company to achieve a competitive advantage.