BIO 1210

BIO 1210


Discussion Questions:

1. Review the following articles:

· Bent, S. Herbal Medicine in the United StatesLinks to an external site..  J Gen Intern MedLinks to an external site.. 2008 Jun; 23(6): 854–859

· Parveen, A. et. al. Challenges and guidelines for clinical trial of herbal drugs.  J Pharm Bioallied SciLinks to an external site.. 2015 Oct-Dec; 7(4): 329–333.

2. Complete an original thread with am of 250 containing:   

· Explanation of the different sources for medications, including your own example of each. 

· Explanation of the difference between prescribed medications and herbal supplements, including the testing and regulatory requirements for each 

· Explanation of some potential reasons why some people may have side effects to medications and others may not 

· Your opinion on taking prescriptions vs. herbal supplements