Biology – Ecology Assignment 3

Biology – Ecology Assignment 3

The purpose of this assignment is to extend student knowledge to finding solutions to problems in the health care system. Solutions to problems in the health care system can be focused on one population (providing free feminine care products to all women) or it can be focused on the larger health care system (allowing the government to negotiate prices of medication with drug companies). Students should feel free to be creative with their solutions.


Student Task: Students will identify one solution to one of the problems in the health care system in America. Students can choose from any problem that was identified in the course to create a solution. Students will answer the following questions in a 300-500 word essay.

· What do you think is a major problem in the health care system in America?

· Why is this a major problem?

· Who does this major problem affect the most?

· What is your proposed solution to this problem (provide detail)?

· How does your solution solve the problem?

· Do you think your solution could be implemented in the real world today? Why or why not?