Business Finance – Accounting Module 2 HR Inbox assignment (HR)

Business Finance – Accounting Module 2 HR Inbox assignment (HR)


This is the first of two HR Inbox assignments, each approached from the perspective of a different HR function relevant to the module in which it is due. This assignment focuses on the roles and responsibilities of HR such as responding to legally based questions.

Communication is a two-way channel for an HR professional. Organizations rely on human resource professionals to advise and consult with employees on policies, procedures, organizational goals, employee development, etc. As HR professionals engage with employees, their goal is to provide positive experiences that result in retention and the reduction of risk. An employee-centric approach that is conducive to professional and proper communication techniques can enhance employee morale, increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and support an inclusive culture. In the HR Inbox assignments, you will practice applying the type of informal, yet accurate, communication needed for instant messaging tools in the modern workplace.

You are an HR professional at a U.S. company. One of your major duties is to monitor the HR instant messaging channel. The HR Inbox chat channel allows HR to communicate and support employees directly. While monitoring the HR channel, you receive the following chat messages from employees:

  1. Dear HR: I just transferred to the Texas branch. Can my employer reduce the number of hours I work based on the state Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) laws?
  2. Dear HR: I’m an hourly worker. If my shift is only six hours, how many breaks am I allowed to have according to the federal FLSA laws?
  3. Dear HR: I am a supervisor, and I always work more than eight hours a day. Am I supposed to receive overtime according to federal FLSA laws? If not, why?


To complete this assignment, write a response to each of the three employee chat messages above as if you are the HR professional responding through instant messaging. You must address the employees’ questions by referencing applicable state and federal FLSA laws. Your overall writing style must have a tone and format appropriate for instant message communication in a business environment.

Specifically, your responses must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Hours: Determine whether an employer can reduce hours based on state FLSA laws.
  2. Breaks: Explain how many breaks are allowed for an hourly worker based on federal FLSA laws.
  3. Overtime: Determine overtime eligibility for a supervisor based on federal FLSA laws. Provide rationale.

Additionally, be sure that overall, your general writing style aligns with the following:

  1. Tone: Discuss human resource roles and responsibilities using an engaging tone and encouraging questions.
  2. Format: Communicate in a clear and concise writing style, offering information in high-level, small pieces.

What to Submit

Your assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, three paragraphs in length (one paragraph per question) with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.