Business Finance – Management Week 6 assignment

Business Finance – Management Week 6 assignment

Now that you’ve recommended a solution, communicated the change to your team, and prepared your financial information, the next step in business development is to get investors to back your proposed solution. This is typically done by the innovation consultant or business manager in conjunction with the CEO and other business partners. Business executives and investors are often busy and don’t have time for long presentations. Short, informative presentations are often referred to as elevator speeches or elevator pitches because the presenter needs to convey the idea, product, or service in the time it would take to ride in an elevator with an investor. Elevator speeches can contain the proposed solution, a quick financial overview, how to evaluate the solution, and other important information.


Review faculty member feedback from your submission of the Wk 5 Assessment Prep: Financial Overview Outline in preparation for completing the financial portion of this assessment. 

Assessment Deliverable ( you can write write me a script to record myself)

Record a 2- to 2.5-minute elevator speech about your process, product, or service as if you were given time with a potential investor. In your speech:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Provide an overview of the challenge facing the business.
  • Present the proposed solution.
  • Provide a financial outlook overview and incorporate information from your Wk 5 Assessment Prep: Financial Overview Outline (assets and liabilities) to demonstrate the business’s financial position.
  • Metrics: Explain how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the solution, including measurable analytics, as needed.
  • State the benefits of investing in your product, service, or process.

Recording Format

Adhere to the following formatting requirements:

  • Use any presentation recording tool that can produce a shareable URL for others to view. Refer to the Assessment Support section for suggestions and resources.
  • Visuals (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint) are not required in your presentation.
  • You must appear on-screen during your presentation recording. As a business professional, you will have to present your own solutions in your future career. This is an opportunity to practice public speaking, navigating technology, and sharing your ideas.