Business Finance – Operations Management Week 2 assignment

Business Finance – Operations Management Week 2 assignment

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Wk 2 – Apply: Summative Assessment: Risk Analysis

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Read the 

Sandora Company Case Study
 (Kerzner, 2022).

You are assigned to replace the existing project manager in charge of the Sandora product line. You understand there are issues with outsourcing manufacturing to overseas suppliers, which have been exasperated by current business and political conditions. Your first assignment is to perform a risk analysis on the existing project based on the enterprise environmental factors identified by the consulting company in the case.

Assume the product cost of goods sold (COGS) is $100, the retail price is $500, and the consumer demand is approximately 1,000 units per day. With full staff and inventory, Sandora can build 1,500 units per day running 3 shifts.

Write a 2- to 3-page risk analysis and remediation/risk reduction plan describing your findings and your plan as you would present it to management stakeholders (C-level, division heads, etc.). Do the following in your risk analysis and remediation plan:

· Summarize the possible risks identified.

· Based on these risks, assess the value and potential impact to the organization.

· Indicate which metrics might be useful in this scenario.

· Provide policy recommendations that would mitigate the impact of these risks, and explain how you would convert these policies into processes.


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Review Domain III and Domain IV in 

(PMI) Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)


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