Business Finance

Business Finance

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You are required to answer the questions fully or in detail with examples. One sentence answer will not suffice. Provide detailed answers to the questions with examples where appropriate. Cite all the sources utilized and provide all the supporting reference using APA writing style. I have posted a writing sample of APA style on canvas for your review.  All submitted work/answers must adhere to the writing standard posted on canvas. Read the writing standard before submitting your work. Cite the body of your weekly and discussion questions and provide the references at the end of your paper as shown in the writing sample.  Use the word “References” at the end of your assignment. Do not use Work Cited or Bibliography in place of References. Any of the assignment answers that do not conform to these requirements will not be graded ; zero points will be assigned for the failure to submit the weekly assignments as prescribed. Show all calculations associated with any assignment problem(s). One sentence answer to any of the questions will not be accepted. Therefore, answer all the questions fully and provide examples where applicable and necessary to the satisfaction of your professor and readers.

Here are two sites for APA writing style, there are other sites on internet that you can utilize in your work:

www.fastquicksearch.com/Apa Citations/Here Links to an external site.


Number your assignments and layout your work neatly before submission. Give full explanation to each question. One sentence answers is not accepted. Do not copy  information from internet sources for the answers to the weekly assignments.  All the answers to the weekly assignments will be checked for originality.

1. Discuss the role of Financial Management. Suppose that you are relatively wealthy and are looking for a potential investment. You do not plan to be active in the business. Would you be more interested in investing in a partnership or in a corporation? Why?

2.Discuss and provide examples of three areas of finance the recommended textbook Covers? Are these areas independent of one another or are they interrelated in the sense that someone working in one area should know something about each other areas? Discuss.

3. What is the relationship between economics, finance, and accounting.

4. What are the key differences between sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations?

5. Should managers estimate intrinsic values or leave that to outside security analyst?  Why.

6. What factors determine the price of a company’s stock.

7. Why do firms issue treasury stocks and what is the significance of treasury stock?

8. Discuss different forms of business organizations.