Can someone do my Week 3 final project BUS 633 Project & Operations Management

Can someone do my Week 3 final project BUS 633 Project & Operations Management


Final Project Management Plan

[WLO: 1] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment,

As the project manager for ILS’s new logistics services in your selected country, you previously completed a project charter and elements of a project management plan (PMP). In this final assignment for the project management portion of this course, you will develop a complete PMP using your work from the prior two weeks and new work from Week 3.

To complete the Final Project Management Plan, you may modify the previously submitted scope and schedule baselines and the project budget. Then, develop a final plan for submission to the DLS and the country's business development manager, human resources manager, and project team.

In your Final Project Management Plan,

  • Revise your Week 2 project scope. (Include the final scope in this PMP.)
  • Adjust your Week 2 project schedule. (Include the final schedule in this PMP and include an appendix showing the detailed schedule in ProjectLibre and copied to a PDF file).
  • Update your Week 2 project budget. (Include the final project budget in this PMP and include an appendix showing the detailed budget in an appendix, whether in ProjectLibre (copy to a PDF file) or MS Excel.
  • Discuss your leadership approach for this project, bearing in mind the culture of the country the newly acquired logistics service is in.
  • Recommend an approach to allocate human resources to the project and any trade-offs with day-to-day operations.
  • Describe the solutions to improve operations, reduce waste and costs, ensure a safe work environment, and contribute to protecting the planet.
  • Create a risk management plan.
  • Describe your approach to ensure delivery of high-quality results.
  • Describe how you will manage change control going forward.
  • Summarize the PMP for senior leadership.
    • Include solutions that may appeal to Walmart.

For this class, the Final Project Management Plan final project will apply toward your Folio account. Be sure to upload your management plan to Folio once you have completed it and share a link in your submission when you upload it to Waypoint to be graded. Learn more about Folio, our ePortfolio tool, by reviewing the Folio Quick Start GuideLinks to an external site..

Again, use the discussion forums and assignments in Weeks 1 and 2 to complete the Final Project Management Plan. Take the opportunity to improve prior work based on feedback from the instructor and your own appraisal.

The Final Project Management Plan paper

Project Timeline

Task Start End Duration
Project Planning 2/1/24 5/5/24 94
Equipment Upgrades 5/6/24 6/21/24 46
Energy-efficient implementation 6/22/24 6/30/24 8
Financial Restructuring 7/21/24 9/21/24 62
Performance Assessement 9/22/24 12/30/24 99

Start Project Planning Equipment Upgrades Energy-efficient implementation Financial Restructuring Performance Assessement 45323 45418 45465 45494 45557 duration 94 46 8 62 99