Capstone 4

Capstone 4


Student Learning Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate an ability to participate in and contribute to the public policy process.

Topics that would demonstrate your mastery of this SLO include:

  • how public problems are defined and the challenges involved in doing so in order to determine responsive and viable solutions.
  • the steps in the public policy-making process including those related to the implementation and evaluation of public programs.
  • the variety of ways in which public administrators may be involved in the policy-making process and the importance of them doing so
  • the importance of relying on credible and unbiased research to make and evaluate policy decisions.

Keeping the topics above in mind listen to the assigned podcasts:

GovLove – A Podcast About Local Government: Engaging the Entire Community on Planning & Middle Housing on Apple Podcasts

NCSL Podcasts: David Toscano on How States Shape the Nation | LTIS Episode 6 on Apple Podcasts 


NCSL Podcasts: Building Democracy: The Story of State Legislatures | Episode 6 on Apple Podcasts   

Then, create a case study to discuss the listed topics linking them to the information and/or themes presented in the podcasts.  Your case study should also include an analysis of one of the definitions of a public problem presented in either of the podcasts and a discussion of the viability of the suggested policy responses.  Your case study should be single-spaced, and well-written, including an introduction and a conclusion.