Case Studies

Case Studies

Answer the following questions for the case study you have chosen. Read all aspects of

your case study carefully. Please make sure you address each question thoroughly and

clearly. Each question should be at least 2-3 paragraphs to illustrate your


1) Of the three generic business strategies that most organizations follow (cost-

cutter, customer-centric, prospector, innovator, or something else), which

strategy does your case study seem to fit and why? Review the following to help

you; the article titled The linkages between business strategies, culture,

and compensation using Miles & Snow's and Hofstede culture framework in

conglomerate firms, Three Compensation Strategies, and Tailor the

Compensation System to the Strategy.

2) What compensation objectives can you conclude from your case study? List several unique compensation objectives for your case study and

explain why you have inferred your unique objectives.

3) Review Formulating a Total Compensation Strategy and Contrasting

Maps of Microsoft and SAS . Map a total compensation strategy for Competitiveness and Employee Contributions. Discuss your company's profile in these two areas and explain why you have answered in this way. 

4) In the case study you have selected, how might the company's values be reflected in your compensation system design and why? 5) Review Hierarchical versus Egalitarian Structures and Layered versus Delayered Structures. What types of internal structures do you believe would fit best for your case study and why?

information about the company will be given once bid is accepted.