Checkpoint Plan

Checkpoint Plan

When creating a plan or initiative, it is remarkably similar to a flight plan. First you have
to know where you want to land. Working backward from there you need to identify who
will get the plane off the ground and be on the plane as it flies. You also need to know
the check points while in-flight.

To ensure you are aware of the different aspects in the initiative, you need to have
similar information. Begin by creating a list with brief descriptions of the initiative
information. Below are some areas you may want to consider:

● Who are the stakeholders?
● What is the primary goal?
● What are the short-term goals?
● Is there a go/no-go decision point?
● Why does the leadership style matter for this initiative?

Create a chart or other organizational tool to list the areas you have identified to include
in your initial description of the organization’s initiative.

This is a first draft of what will be included in your summative assessment, so you will
likely add to the depth of the information as well as areas to be addressed. For this
reason, you should choose a file that is easily edited as you modify the information.