Consider Hurricane Ida, the freezing and ice in Texas, and the wildfires in California and discuss what some of the effects were?

Consider Hurricane Ida, the freezing and ice in Texas, and the wildfires in California and discuss what some of the effects were?

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Part 1: In recent natural disasters and emergency events in the United States, the disaster caused disruptions in supply chains and availability of products. Consider Hurricane Ida, the freezing and ice in Texas, and the wildfires in California and discuss what some of the effects were? Why do you think there were disruptions? You can use real-world experience for any emergency if you want.  (2 references)

Part 2:

Sunday, 5:00 PM: The National Weather Service (NWS) detects a cold front moving toward Saint Leo City. Weather officials urge citizens to prepare for a large storm that will likely begin in the next 24 hrs. A winter storm warning is issued by NWS for Saint Leo City as well as surrounding areas within 100 miles. The NWS predicts light snow that will likely mix with or change to sleet from freezing rain with significant icing possible by tomorrow afternoon. Ice accumulation will likely be between ½ and 1 inch, with highest icing potential near downtown. The public is advised to expect widespread power outages, damaged trees, and treacherous road conditions because of the ice storm. Local schools are beginning to announce closures for Monday. 

Who in the organization is responsible for monitoring or would likely receive the alert from NWS? How would they receive it? 

What guidance should leadership issue to the organization based upon this alert? What information should be shared with employees? How should the information be communicated? Who should decide and what communication platforms are available? 

When you hear the weather storm warning, what are your immediate concerns for supply chain operations? What components of supply chain operations could be affected by the winter storm? 

Based upon the forecast, it seems that your organization will experience significant winter weather over the next 24hrs. What decisions need to be made? Are they being made by leadership or who needs or make them? What are risks and ideas to mitigate them? 

(2 references)


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PART 2: Case Study Assignment 1 (1.5 PAGE)

Answer the questions below. (This Assignment box is linked to Turnitin.) 

1) What benefits can be drawn from the introduction of a Bed Bureau to the healthcare supply chain?

2) What suggestions can you make for improving the patient pathway in a hospital’s emergency department?


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“From Logistics to Supply Chain Management: The Path Forward in the Humanitarian Sector”, (link opens in a new tab) a white paper published by the Fritz Institute. Write a two- to three-page paper in APA format describing the role of logistics in effective disaster relief. Discuss the importance and challenges presented and strategies for improvement. Analyze how this information would improve the processes displayed in the Armenian response and recovery efforts. (This Assignment folder is linked to Turnitin.)   


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