Hi Class! Here's a fun extra credit discussion worth up to 5 points to get you introduced to the class and your classmates! Compare the two videos embedded here in terms of the their musicality and dance styles. What is so different between their dance interpretation of the music and what we as humans would do? How about the social interaction of the crabs? How about the passion and variety of dance moves of Snowball, the cockatoo? What do these videos say regarding their level of intelligence? Do you have a video of an animal that reflects a like dance/musical aptitude? Feel free to post it in this thread for us to enjoy! Additionally in order to receive a full 5 points credit for this extra credit discussion be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates postings! Enjoy!

Please note: Discussions with video postings must either "show" the video so it can simply be "clicked on" and played (hint use the YouTube link in the HTML editor browser located above the text box). You may also choose to embed the link by "sharing" the video (hint use the unbroken chain link in the HTML editor browser located above the text box.).