Creative Discussion Forum C

Creative Discussion Forum C

 Reading/Viewing List Week 7

Contemporary World Literature 

 Toni Morrison (1931-2019) -1084

 “Recitatif” -1086

 Nawal El Saadawi (b.1931) -1003

In Camera-1005


Battlestar Galactica Mini-Series—Night 1.1

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Sewell Fall 2022 Troy University ENG 2205 & 2206 The New Discussion Boards 1

Fall 2022; New Discussion Boards Creative Image Analysis with Tiny Lit Choice

(one to two good paragraphs – not a lot of time; have fun)

The New Discussion Boards are going to operate. I trust you'll enjoy this.

Part 1: 25 pts You are to select just one image (from wherever you choose, but carefully cite image, similar to the example below), then observe your chosen image in the same way you might a line or few words from a literary selection: a color, an shadow, shape , a visceral sensation, etc, something creative that brings your attention to the image, distracts you, or makes you reel in one direction or the other for the image. As long as you actively engage with this short Db, there’s no real way to do it wrong.

You don't have to like or dislike something in the image/photo (this kind of writing is not even about that– just like the full Annotation writing is not about that), but your reaction to something on an emotional, spiritual, social, and/or religious level is what counts when you talk about your image.

Notice how ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious’ are separated items, as they ARE NOT the same concept, thus not mutually exclusive. Be mindful of these more expansive notions as you write. It’ll allow you even more breadth, depth, and creativity in your response (as well as more critical thought and honesty).

So, you want to get on and select an image from the internet, your own camera, or an old-fashioned magazine, etc. Select from something you randomly, or that speaks to you in some way.

You must cite your images in an image citation style. I will put what that tends to look like below. You may use a variation of the style below:

Sewell Fall 2022 Troy University ENG 2205 & 2206 The New Discussion Boards 2

© Lisa Dimondstein – Infrared Idaho. Accessed 2015

Your classmates are your cohorts. To talk to them is to learn from them. Often, everyone's holding on to the same questions; they're just too

afraid to raise a hand and speak up. This is where you can speak up!

Learning from each other has nothing to do with what you know, but what you experience together. Sometimes, it has to do with what you've experienced apart from each other, before you knew each other, or even after you’ve met. You don’t even have to “like” each other to learn from one another. Go ahead and talk to each other about these images.Peel them apart. Remember, this is Part I of your discussion board.

Reminder: Even if you use your own images, treat them as if they were NOT yours, and cite them. Get in the practice. Treat it the way you would a piece of literature sitting in front of you.

Part 2: 25 pts:

You will be going into the literature from the reading list, and choosing a piece you did not get a chance to talk/write about, or something that may not be on the reading list for the course, but is in the course text volumes. Get your choice to relate to the image that you are peeling apart in Part 1. This takes some creativity, and can be quite fun, when thought is put into it. Make it work for you. Understand the image in ways you never

Sewell Fall 2022 Troy University ENG 2205 & 2206 The New Discussion Boards 3

thought about before.

There's no word limit that you need to focus on. You are free to write just one very well written paragraph, that loops in the image along with the piece of text from something else in our reading texts that is listed. You're free to do that. You don’t need to write more than a couple of paragraphs. Remember, this is still practice work, helping you build on the techniques you use in your regular annotations, with the literature selections.

This takes a lot of creativity and some deep thought. You don't need to spend long periods of time on the discussion board assignment. What you are doing is trying to learn to be creative in your thoughts, creative and in your ability to dig deep, and make it mean something not just to you, but your classmates, which is something you're already doing with the annotations you are currently writing.

Don’t forget to use MLA in-text citations and an MLA bibliography, when appropriate. Part II is 25 points.

I want you to enjoy this process in your discussion boards. I believe it will help you write in this course so much better, so much more creatively, and hopefully enjoy it more.

All right, Team! Enjoy the new discussion boards for 2205 & 2206.

Be Mindful! Be Thoughtful, Be Critical, Be Creative! Be Well,

Glennie. Montpelier Sept 12-13, 2022