CSIS 375: Provide internal consistency

CSIS 375: Provide internal consistency

Guideline Examples Assignment

Guideline Examples Assignment Instructions


Using the design guidelines presented below, provide an example of one web page or application that violates each guideline and one web page or application that illustrates adherence to each guideline. A different web page or application must be used for each example. Write one paragraph for each example, (1) describing the violation or adherence, and (2) the effect it will likely have on the user.

1. Provide internal consistency.

2. Provide an obvious starting point in the screen’s upper left corner.

3. Divide information into units that are logical, meaningful, and sensible.

4. Provide a visually or aesthetically pleasing composition possessing the following qualities:

CSIS 375


b. Balance

c. Symmetry

d. Regularity

e. Predictability

f. Sequentiality

g. Economy

h. Unity

i. Proportion

j. Simplicity

k. Groupings

(Choose only three of the items listed in a–j and provide an example of a web page or application that conforms to and one that violates the three qualities you select. Note: You only need to provide one example for “conforms” and one example for “violates.” The examples you choose must conform to or violate all of the three qualities you select.)

5. Provide adequate separation between screen elements through liberal use of white space.

6. Enhance distinctiveness by creating adequate distance between controls, borders, and windows. (E.g., Screen controls, group borders, and buttons should not touch a window border or each other.)

7. Add focus and emphasis to important screen elements using typefaces, blinking, groupings, color, size, animation, shape, and positioning.


1. In a Word document, paste two screen shots of a web page or application for each of the above guidelines. The first screen shot should represent a screen that conforms to the guideline, and the second shot should represent a screen that violates the guideline.
NOTE: You should have a total of 14 screenshots: 7 examples of conformance and 7 examples of violations.

2. Include the URL for each screen above the screen shot. If the screen is an application rather than a web page, provide the name of the application.
NOTE: You should have a total of 14 URLs, one for each of the screenshots.

3. Write one paragraph below each screen shot describing how the screen conforms to or violates the guideline.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.