Cultural Environment Analysis

Cultural Environment Analysis

Cultural Environment Analysis

This is a written assignment that will be worth 100 points. It needs to be three (3) pages
long, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12, 1.25 margins.

Note: When referring to items that are not your own ideas (for example, referring to
specific laws listed or talked about in your analysis), you must cite the laws using APA

Each individual has to turn in one written assignment.

In this assignment, you need to:

1. Describe the cultural environment of your chosen country, using Hall’s framework and
Trompenaars’ framework.

2. Discuss challenges and opportunities for American investors posed by the cultural

3. Based on the challenges and opportunities you have identified through your research,
formulate two recommendations, with your supporting arguments, to an American
investor to successfully navigate your chosen country’s cultural environment.

You will need to use a wide variety of sources in this paper. You can use any of the
following sources (sources are not necessarily limited to this list, but you should only
use REPUTABLE sources): books, journal articles, news articles, and company
websites. You should rely on a diversity of sources, and every claim you make in the
paper should be cited.