DB: Attachment Case Study 2 Responses

DB: Attachment Case Study 2 Responses

 In response to your peers, provide thoughtful feedback on responses to the questions about Carrie. Draw connections to similar thoughts and plans you may have identified and discuss differences in your responses and perspectives.  

1. I believe that Carrie’s family or lack of had either little or no involvement with her and failed to perform normal family rituals, like eating meals with her, or family activities with her. She maybe even ended up becoming the family scapegoat for the family stress, and end up becoming the victim of abuse and a broken connection with parents. A broken connection with parents may cause parents to not see a need for their time and attention. I believe Carrie was made to spend long period of times in a room with no windows, or even a big closet where she was either ordered to be by parents or parent or either hid on her own for various reasons. I believe that she was neglected in many ways where her parent or parents didn’t communicate and with her being in the closed space with no windows made it complicated for other people to communicate with her as well. It is very hard to tell much, as the biological parents hid everything for a possible reason for them getting into trouble. When she threw drawing that she was praised for, I believe she threw it on the floor because of the praising communication was more than likely over stimulated for her because of how proud and talking about it may have seemed like she did something wrong.

      As I think about Carrie, I honestly think that she was raised by a mother that possibly had men in and out and kept Carrie in a big closet or rook without windows so she could not see and people could not see her. I believe she was an unexpected child, and the mother had a substance abuse issue as well as possibly a mental health diagnosis where she is caring about other things, therefore Carrie had no kind of communication and was possibly punished when made noise. We are making assumptions here because as was described there isn’t much to be known.

    I think her experience of early mothering was minimal. I believe when Carrie would cry and just to get her to stop after crying for who knows for how long she would be changed and fed then put back in a crib or swing for another number of unknown hours. I believe early mothering like I said was very minimal and only needed caring was given. Food and maybe changing after she cried for long periods of time. It doesn’t seem like any kind of stimulation was given to Carrie. Her mother may have spoke with her, however whenever she did it was always about negative things or outcomes. The only thing Carrie as ever communicated was rules.

   I believe Carrie demonstrates the Disorganized/disoriented attachment style because of her showing her fearful avoidant attachment because of how withdrawn she is around others and at her home now, as well as the few interests she has as well as always wanting to be in her room.

     In adoptive placement I believe she would need to continue services with possibly a speech therapist, and a occupational therapist that would come to the home. As well as be recommended to visit special outside services where there are children just like her so many hours a week. I feel like at home she should always be offered to help with certain activities as much as possible. I believe certain home services as with Occupational and Speech Therapist and a Child Psychiatrist should come to home that Carrie is at and I believe that half of each session foster mother or adopted mother should be strongly involved so she knows that they are not someone to be scared of. In a adoptive placement I believe Carrie should be involved in everything as a family and even if she doesn’t talk back, I believe adoptive parents should make a schedule and always have a way to say good morning and treat her like everyone else and tell her goodnight and treat her exactly like they do with others. One more thing would be for adoptive family asking her for help as much as possible and let her make certain decisions like for dinner or certain ideas.

2. When children are separated from their mother, it can cause a lot of trauma,  Carrie possibly she doesn’t want to be without her mother, this can cause a session of abandonment, or that her mother has been taken away from her. A stressful situation, such as being separated from a relative, or  friend or pet, a geographic or school change, a new home or a new family, can trigger separation anxiety disorder.
Most children experience some separation anxiety. Carrie is possibly suffering and may have anxiety and depression disorders.
A child with separation anxiety disorder often cries and begs the person not to leave them, and after the person leaves, the only thing the child thinks about is meeting them again. In Carrie’s case, her mother says that she rarely cries, this could be a consequence of her trauma and her experience with early motherhood with her biological mother. Abandonment can also cause a rupture in personal relationships and affection. That’s what’s happening with Carrie and her adoptive mother. Abandoned children can feel abandoned and neglected, which can result in behavioral problems and spill over into social and relationships in the future. Carrier may be holding  to all the memories and traumas of her past with her biological mother, which is what makes her new life with her new family and her adoptive mother and socializing at school and with other children so difficult and probally painful for her. 

Carrier needs help from a psychologist as he can help the child and family deal with the anguish, fears, concerns, expectations and changes related to adoption.
Carrier adoptive parents must demonstrate love, seek preparation, knowledge and information. as well as for the parents themselves. Post-adoption support groups can also help a lot in exchanging experiences.

What was your analysis of Carrie? And you disagree with my analysis and why? And what do you see can be done to help Carrie connect with her new family??