DB: Identifying Risk 2 Responses

DB: Identifying Risk 2 Responses

 In response to your peers, suggest some strategies to resolve or overcome the risk factors discussed in your classmates’ posts. 

1.   A child can be put at risk in their early life with several different things. Growing up is where a child learn different things and see different things. They are adjusting to what they like and learning how to grow . They pay attention to a lot and they also pick up on a lot they see others do. We often hear people say watch what you do or say , because kids pay attention to you.

 One risk factor would be violence in the home between spouse or other family members., social and gender roles, poor living conditions, and drugs and alcohol in the homes. When it comes to violence in the homes where as the parents fighting everyday in front of them or the parent abusing the kids. This risk can make the child feel afraid, runaway from home or even result in them hurting someone to protect another family member in the home. When it comes to social and gender role in the child life, growing up their really trying to figure out who they are within themselves. No we having kids with same sex parents, single parents, and some that are raised by grandparents for uncertain reason. In society today kids are seeing same sex marriages, men looking and dressing like a female and the women looking like men. It doesn’t help if they don’t understand what is going on and why they are like that. Their mind questions, should that be me or what? Children growing up in poor living conditions can result them into a life of crime. Due to them wanting more and seeing others with what they want. These conditions could cause health problems for not having a clean a reliable place to live. Last growing up around drugs and alcohol, is not a good life either. In worse case the child is born with drugs in their system, they start using or drinking, and it cause them to have behavioral problems that gets them into serious troubles. If we find kids in these types lifestyles, early detection to help needs to happen, talk other education or goals to help show them it doesn’t have to be like this, and get programs or treatment for them if we see them going down these roles in their life. 

Question: Should the parents be charged with introducing or allowing their child to be involved in drugs after they have followed their parents footsteps?

2. From conception to the first year of life, what can put a child at risk of abuse? In our book we see that the inability to complete basic tasks such as the family’s inability to provide food, shelter, protection and education to its members. these are the most basic needs, this ends up putting children at risk of abuse because
Environmental factors, such as low socioeconomic level, education and fragility in family ties, Risk factors that go against the learning of healthy social behaviors, such as lack of economic resources, food, psychological violence, abuse and neglect, all of which put kids  at risk of maltreatment and traumas.