discussion 4

discussion 4


Topic Selection: Select one of the topics below. It can be a theme that aligns with your final assignment, your program of study, or simply one of general interest. Read the linked source associated with that topic.

Reflect: Reflect upon the themes that the disciplines covered this week explore and the methods that they use to explore these topics. How do these different approaches and themes help contribute to the larger understanding of society, culture, and human behavior? Based upon your understandings of these disciplines, how might their approach to topics be helpful to other disciplines within the social sciences? Other academic disciplines outside of the social sciences? To the general public?In addition, think about the strategies used by practitioners of these disciplines to avoid bias. Do these differ from the social science disciplines that you read about last week? If so, how? Can these approaches be adapted for use outside of the social sciences?Write: In an initial post of at least 250 words 

  • Select one of the three disciplines examined this week, and discuss why you selected the discipline you did and how this discipline is distinct from other disciplines in the social sciences (Think about methods topics explored, etc.).
  • Examine the topic discussed by the source linked above for your discipline.
    • Describe how your selected topic is related to the concepts of the individual, society, and culture.
    • Note the main points of the article, its conclusion, and assess how the questions asked by the social scientist in question are related to their discipline’s practice. 
    • Discuss the methodology used within the article and relate the authors’ approach to specific examples in the text.
  • Assess any potential connections between the discipline you examined this week and the disciplines explored in week 3 with regard to the source you examined. 
  • Postulate potential applications for your selected discipline and its approaches to everyday life. 

Please use in-text APA citations within your post, as well as full APA references at the end of your post. If you need APA assistance, review the APA StyleLinks to an external site. resources.