Developing a marketing plan is integral for most entrepreneurs because it can help determine profit. Business expenses need to include marketing and how word about the product or service gets out. When determining your marketing plan, you need to look at your target market and ask critical questions about break-even points and product deliverables.


In the Turner Test Prep Co case study located in the Wk 4 Learning Activities folder and in “Part 6: Cases” of the course textbook, there's little doubt that Jessica's problem-solving energy and eagerness will eventually propel her to success as an entrepreneur. In the meantime, Jessica shares a common dilemma experienced by all businesses, regardless of type, size, and experience-related backgrounds: defining the ever-changing preferences and needs of consumer groups.

As an entrepreneur with minimal marketing skills, Jessica needs additional input about her marketing plan. Consider Jessica’s situation as you respond to the following questions:

  • What are your thoughts regarding the preparation of a preliminary marketing plan? 
  • What questions should Jessica ask herself to achieve greater market share?
  • Include one or more peer reviewed journal articles from the UoP Library to support your response and provide academic credibility. This reference must have a corresponding in-text citation. These must both be in APA format. Without these (as a whole) there is an automatic 10% deduction.