Diversity Project: Guiding Question & Subject Identification

Diversity Project: Guiding Question & Subject Identification

 In last week's module, you chose an organization to analyze and stated a problem related to diversity you would like to investigate. In this module, you will be generating a guiding question and identifying the subjects you will be studying. Please fill in the Guiding Question Worksheet Download Guiding Question Worksheetto complete this assignment. 

General/Guiding Question Worksheet

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Your Answer

1. What is the problem related to diversity you identified within the organization?

2. What specific part of this problem are you interested in?

3. Research an academic source about this problem. What are three things you learned about this problem in the source? Include in-text citations with page numbers for each.

4. List a few possible questions about your specific problem area.

5. Choose one to be your general/guiding question. Analysis (why or how) questions are best.

6. Who are the subjects that will be involved in your study?

7. Make your question as clear and specific as possible using the details you now have regarding the subjects.


Put full citation in the current APA format for your source here.

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