Education Assignment 2

Education Assignment 2

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Assignment One – To Say the Name is to Begin the Story – 

Create your own name poem reminiscent of those presented in Chapter One of our text. There is no requirement as to poem type except it cannot by a Haiku. 

Assignment Two – To Say the Name is to Begin the Story – Part II – Analysis – 

Consider all you read in Chapter One of our text. The one overriding theme is not just just teaching narratives or poetry – but it also relates to building classroom communities where our students feel safe sharing these parts of their lives. How could you use these techniques and skills within your own classroom community either now or in the future? Many of us within the course are not from ELA – so how could you build community through reading, writing, and performing in other disciplines? Please link your exploration to the article above as well – research is changing every day – readers are often in a process of becoming and it is up to us to lead the way. How do we begin to do that and create readers who are not reading for approval or a test score but for a lifetime?

Assignment Three – Out of the Box – Watch one of the following videos and in a one page summary – share how you could use these within the K-12 classroom to teach plot structure? All that we read – even creative non-fiction – involves a plot structure even if it is not what we are used to traditionally seeing, Students access decoding skills when they watch videos and attempt to determine these elements. Thus, reading is no longer the traditional model of a student with a book but an emerging experience involving multiple perspectives and platforms.

So how could you use video to teach skills – like plot structure? What is another purpose of using videos like these within our classrooms? How does teaching and making connections through video aid in building community and even empathy within the ELA (and all) classrooms?