English 1302

English 1302

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English 1302

Short Academic Response #3: Defining Causal Relationships Due Sunday, November 12, 2023

In a recent newspaper or magazine article, find an article that makes (or at least contains) a causal argument. For example, a fashion magazine may contain an article about the effects of a mineral-based make up or what has sparked (caused) a fashion trend. Or a newspaper may report on the effects of the government shut-down on a town near one of the National Parks closed by the stalemate in Congress.

• Identify whether the argument focuses on causes, effects, or a combination of causes and effects.

• Using the chart on pages 273, label the types of causes you find in the article.

• If the article focuses more on effects than causes, identify the kinds and amount of evidence offered about the effects.

• Offer your own opinion in closing commentary about whether the causal relationship seems plausible. In other words, do you see any signs of
post hoc or
non sequitur fallacies that can undermine a causal argument, or do the before and after events truly seem to be causally related? Explain why you think they are or are not.

• Be sure to include a copy of your newspaper article with your reader response paper. In addition, don’t forget to use in-text citation and include a works cited page.

Length: 1.5 to 2 pages

Format: MLA format, Standard Edited English

ENGL 1302

Short Academic Responses

This course will include several Short Academic Responses, which – taken together – are worth 15% of your course grade.

Short Academic Responses are short (1.5 to 2 pages) written assignments that respond to course readings. Specific topics and deadlines will be announced as the course progresses, but these are the general requirements.

– Double space. Use 12-pt Times New Roman font. Include a heading, header, and title as required for MLA style (covered in your text books). To avoid plagiarism, cite any information taken from outside sources including from the text book. Use MLA-style citations.

– Although these are not formal essays, they should be edited as carefully as your major essay assignments. After you draft and revise the content of the Response, after you work on the organization, spend some additional time editing and proofreading. Eliminate grammar errors, punctuation errors, and other surface issues that can make your writing confusing or less convincing to readers.

– All Reader Responses should include well-organized paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting evidence. Specific assignments may give a number of paragraphs or other directions about organization.

– Specific content will be assigned for each Reader Response throughout the semester. Each assignment will require you to read carefully and think critically about what you have read.

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