Entrepreneurship:Create a new mini business plan

Entrepreneurship:Create a new mini business plan

Create a new mini business plan: include the following 

  1. Value proposition
  2. Business Model CANVAS
  3. Include a word document or pdf file 

The Experiment:

  1. Describe the product/service (MVP) and show us the presentation tools, material, prototypes, etc. used.
  2. Identify and describe the “buyer persona” and “use cases” relevant for your project.
  3. Prepare at least 8 -10 questions to get feedback for your customers (each team member must interview two persons)
  4. Prepare prototype of your product/service
  5. Describe target customer and how did you approach them?
  6. Describe what customers liked/disliked about the value proposition of your
  7. Highlight key insights.

MINI Business Plan

10. Strategic Plan
11. Marketing Plan
12. Operations Plan
13. Organizational and Legal Plan 14. Financial Plan (one year)
15. Conclusions