Family community night

Family community night

Part 1: Family Community Night Digital Flyer

Based on your local community context and the demographic data you collected for the Topic 2 assignment,(KILLEEN TX) create a digital flyer for a family night to connect families to their local community resources. The digital flyer should include graphics that are relevant to the content, visually appealing, and use space appropriately. Include the following in your flyer:

General information (event title, date, time, location)

Agenda or schedule of events

A minimum of five local community organizations or agencies that will be present (e.g., social or service agencies, government institutions, businesses, religious organizations, interest groups). For each organization/agency, include a link to the website and brief description of what type of support it offers.  

Brief description of activities that will occur during the event to engage families with community resources, considering the demographics of your community.

Part 2: Reflection

In 500-750 words, reflect on the family community night you designed. Include the following in your reflection:

How the demographics of your community influence or affect which organizations/agencies you selected and which activities you planned

How you plan to garner support from community organizations/agencies to participate in the family event

How you will engage the families in the initial planning and preparation of the event

At least four ways you will ensure the family community night is inclusive for all families and children, incorporating the various needs of the demographic

How you will collect feedback from families and measure the success of the event

Support your reflection with a minimum of three scholarly resources. 

Ensure that others can access and view the link to your digital flyer prior to submission.