FIN4422- Case Report: Amazon

FIN4422- Case Report: Amazon

In this group assignment, you will collaborate to submit a case report. The main body of the report must be no shorter than 3 pages and no longer than 5 pages, single spaced. The main body should comprise:

  1. 1- Introduction/Background information – include relevant facts and issues on company. Competitors, industry; This will provide evidence that you have conducted additional research on the problem;
  2. 2- Financial Analyses – Provide answers based on both qualitative and quantitative analyses to the following questions:
    1. 1- How has Amazon performed leading up to its 20-year-anniversary as a public company? Over the long-term? In the near-term? 
    2. 2- Compute financial ratios from Amazon’s 2014-16 financial statements provided in the case and report the main takeaways.
    3. 3- Why was Amazon’s 2014-16 cash flow from operations higher than its net income? 
    4. 4- What did Amazon do with the cash flow that it generated between 2014 and 2016? 
    5. 5- Articulate a pathway for Amazon to get from $2 billion to $20 billion in net income between 2016 and 2021 as envisioned by the Barron’s article cited in the case?
  3. 3- Recommendation/Solution –Provide one justifiable and realistic solution to the problem as identified in the articulated pathway; explain the reasons behind the proposed solution; support this solution with justification and include relevant theoretical concepts as well as the results of your research.

Figures and tables could be placed in an appendix at the end of the paper but preferably incorporated in the body where appropriate.  All figures and tables must be numbered and all pages, including pages with tables and figures must be numbered. 


  1. Review the Amazon Case Report
  2. Submit your case report.
  3. Review the grading criteria.

Note: One report will be handed in and each member will get the same grade unless otherwise requested. List names of contributing group members in report.