Final Project: Scan A GitHub Repository Using Snyk

Final Project: Scan A GitHub Repository Using Snyk


Final Project: Scan a GitHub Repository using Snyk

Congratulations! You have completed all the modules of this course. Now it is time to test your skills using GitHub and Snyk. In this final module, you will complete a project and submit your work for your peers to evaluate. 


You are an aspiring video game developer looking to create cross-platform games using a free, user-friendly game engine. And like many developers, you manage your projects using GitHub repositories. While using the GitHub Explore feature to find public repositories matching your interests, you discover the Godot Engine repository at https://github.com/godotengine/godot. Godot is a popular multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine that fits your needs. You want to fork the repository for personal use, but you also want to scan it for potential vulnerabilities before using its code. Releasing games with significant security issues won’t help your career in the video game industry.

Overview of assignment instructions

This project involves two tasks.

Task 1: Fork a public repository

  • Fork the godot      repository to your personal GitHub account.

Task 2: Examine a repository’s code vulnerabilities

  1. Import and scan      the code of your godot fork.
  2. Examine the      Snyk security report for your godot fork.

Submission guidelines

There is a total of 6 points for this final project. In the peer review section of this project, you will upload screenshots of your work in JPEG or PNG format to show completion of the following tasks:

Task 1

  1. Provide a      screenshot showing that you have forked the godot repository to your      GitHub account. (2 pts)

Task 2

  1. Provide a      screenshot from your Snyk Projects page showing that you have imported and      scanned your godot fork. (2 pts)
  2. Provide a      screenshot showing the Snyk Overview page that displays the results from      scanning your godot fork. (2 pts)