Finding & Keeping The Right People

Finding & Keeping The Right People

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Program Manager (Technology)

Your submission should be approximately 2 pages long and use at least two credible resources. Research and review the website of the company you chose for most of this information needed below: 

  • Job Posting
    • Find a job posting for the organization and provide the title of the job posting, including a live hyperlink to the job posting. 
    • What platform did you use to find the job? i.e. Indeed
    • Explain why HR professionals would post the job where they did. 
    • Why did you choose that specific job posting? 
  • Organizational Culture 
    • After reading the job description and knowing what you do from your research, how would you describe the organizational culture of the company? 
    • Provide specific reasons why you described the organizational culture the way you did. Does the organization provide internal training and development opportunities? Does the job description align with the organization’s mission statement?  
  • Conclusion
    • Based on your findings and research, is this an organization you would want to work for? Why or why not?