General Psychologist 14 Weeks ‘Discussion Post Forum #2

General Psychologist 14 Weeks ‘Discussion Post Forum #2


Discussion Post Forum 

Post an important concept you have learned about so far. You can start with a vocabulary word, an idea, or a connection you have made with this material–your choice.

Post your initial discussion response early in the week to give yourself and other students time to provide peer responses. Your points will be dependent on the quality of your contribution to the discussion and by following the instructions in the below rubric.

Discussion Posts Rubric:

The discussion post initial response must be 250 words or more, not including restatements of questions and references, in order to receive full credit. Each initial post must contain at least one (1) formalized APA 7 references. Each discussion post requires at least one post to a peer and the peer response must be 100 words or more in order to receive the full credit. The discussion post-writing prompt and references do not count toward the total word count. Your responses need to be in your own words and not a copy and paste from someone else’s work or a source. If this is discovered, then you may receive a ZERO for the post. Your response must include adequate depth and understanding of concepts appropriate for this level of education.