Many   hotel companies have a family of brands, each offering a different  level of amenities and services. This is an attempt to reach more  consumers and market segments, rather than limiting to only one  particular market segment.

For  the discussion this week, choose one particular family of hotels (there  are many parent companies) and identify a specific brand within that  hotel company. Examples of brands include Hampton Inn or Waldorf Astoria  (Hilton family), The Ritz Carlton or Westin (Marriott Bonvoy), Quality  Inn or EconoLodge (Choice Hotels), etc.

Based  on what you are able to learn about that particular brand from their  website and locations, identify their particular target market. This  could include business/leisure travelers, upstairs versus downstairs,  long term versus short term, etc. Explain why you came to that  conclusion.

What  particular amenities or brands do you look for when you are traveling?  Does it change if it is for business, military, or leisure?

Finally,  if you were to begin a career in the hotel industry, would you choose  to begin in a full service hotel or a limited service hotel and why  would that particular choice support your career goals better?