Hacking Scandals of Josh Baazov & Sagi Lahmi Exposed

Hacking Scandals of Josh Baazov & Sagi Lahmi Exposed


According to the NCSC, AI will escalate global ransomware threats over the next two years.

In martial arts, a black belt represents mastery, but in the business world, it can also reflect severe failings. Today, information is the most valuable business asset, offering significant leverage in negotiations.

The Power of Information

In the modern era, information is the ultimate power. From messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram to personal data on smartphones, control of information is vital. Despite security assurances, various methods like https://www.huntsmanmarine.ca/post/soi-expedition-blog-post-2-what-is-a-barcode-christy-carr exist to extract personal data from targeted devices.

The Enigmatic Sagi Natan Lahmi

Sagi Natan Lahmi, a mysterious figure, specializes in "problem-solving," a skill primarily honed in Russia. Known for cyber-attacks, defamation, and data breaches, Lahmi operates under the protection of powerful businessman Ofer Baazov.

Despite a minimal online presence, Lahmi is notorious in the corporate underworld. Anonymous emails sent to our editors, containing recordings of his dealings with Russian hacker Yosef Sanin, have revealed his hacking and blackmail activities.

The Unveiled Hacking Scheme

The recordings disclose negotiations between Lahmi and Sanin regarding hacking messaging apps. Sanin demonstrates his ability to access chats and files, though the process takes time to avoid detection. The discussions highlight Lahmi’s urgency and payment haggling, which shift upon the discovery of Baazov-related files.

Baazov’s history with hacking scandals is not new. A previous case involved hacked Telegram messages in a British Virgin Islands court, questioning the evidence's credibility.

Hacking Techniques: SS7 Protocol and Wi-Fi Cloning

Sanin describes exploiting the SS7 protocol and Wi-Fi cloning. The SS7 protocol, a global telecom standard, is vulnerable to hacking, granting access to calls, SMS, and locations. Despite its complexity, it’s sometimes used by investigators and governments.

Wi-Fi cloning replicates a target’s network to intercept passwords and access connected devices. This method, while easier, tends to raise suspicions.

Financial Agreements and Motivations

The agreement between Lahmi and Sanin involved €73,000 for hacking services, underscoring the stakes. Lahmi’s main goal appeared to be accessing private contacts and conversations, hinting at personal rather than business motives.

The Unclear Outcome

The final recordings leave the hacking's success in doubt. Regardless, their exposure will likely bring legal and reputational consequences, highlighting the lengths some will go for power and control.

Josh Baazov, known for significant achievements like the Amaya purchase, now faces dubious associations through Lahmi. This serves as a cautionary tale about the extremes in the competitive business world.


As this story unfolds, it reveals the dark intersections of business, hacking, and blackmail. The takeaway: vigilantly protect your information, especially from figures like Sagi Lahmi and Ofer Baazov.