Health Care Roles And IT Implementation

Health Care Roles And IT Implementation

Write at least a 175-word response to the following. Your response must address all aspects of each question, must include your personal opinions, ideas, or thoughts; and must provide examples in any situation where it is warranted.  Give an example of an IT structure and function. Explain how IT could be implemented, given the various roles within the healthcare industry. 

 Identify one health information technology advancement in the last decade that had an impact on human services and is not mentioned in the readings. Describe that impact and how it improved the delivery of the service.   

Why is it important to track client encounters? What information must be tracked in a client encounter? Identify one software application that can help track client encounters and explain how using the application could improve service delivery.  

Describe how technology can be used to increase client accessibility to services. Provide an example of a technology that achieved this. Over the last few years, the opportunities to get your message out to consumers have changed significantly; and many forms of social media have exploded onto the scene. 

In addition to traditional media methods, why is it important to use social media in reaching out to healthcare consumers?