Help Me If You Can

Help Me If You Can

I have some questions that require at least 100 words each as well as a resource

1.  How does effective, supportive classroom management positively affect students’ behavior? How does poor classroom management negatively affect students’ behavior? How can these influences define the culture of the classroom? 

2.  How does an accurate understanding of student diversity (i.e., cultural, gender, social class, and developmental differences) affect teachers’ perspectives and expectation of behavior? How should student diversity as well as other school variables (i.e., class size, location, resources) be taken into consideration when developing your classroom management philosophy? 

3.  After reading the topic materials on classroom management, what valuable points do you believe were most helpful for classroom management? Why are these points so valuable to you? Provide specific examples from your own experience in the classroom or your field experience hours with your mentor teacher. 

4.  Student use of technology can enhance learning, but it can also create challenges with classroom management. Describe one procedural challenge of implementing student use of technology and one solution to that challenge. 

5.  While secondary students need to grow and become more independent and responsible for themselves, there are still benefits to having families involved in their child’s education. List 2-3 benefits of having families involved in what is happening in the classroom. 

6.  Technology can be an excellent tool for teachers to incorporate into their classroom. How could it be used during transitional times, such as entering and exiting the class, changing activities, etc.?