identifying Legal Issues in Nursing

identifying Legal Issues in Nursing

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Discussion post:
Identifying Legal Issues in Nursing

Using the following two resources, locate a legal case involving a nurse.


Nursing Reference Center Plus

· Tip: Do a keyword search on a type of legal case (negligence, malpractice, etc.) and then use the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the results to limit the results to Legal Cases.


Legal Eye Newsletter

· Tip: Click on the link for Publisher’s Site to be brought out to the website.

Initial Post

In your initial post, address the following prompts and/or questions.

· Summarize the case you selected. Make sure to include:

· Key legal components of the case that were errors.

· The outcome of the case (if there is an outcome of the case).

· Explain possible actions to prevent a recurrence of this situation.

(this discussion post must be minimum of 250 words)

Kindly attached the application reference in APA