IT 590 Unit 5

IT 590 Unit 5


T590-4: Evaluate ethical issues in information technology case studies.


case study is used to help you participate in real-life analysis and communication. A case study is a learning tool that provides you with the nature and scope of the problem and prepares you to analyze and discuss the implications of the study. In this assignment, you will learn how to write a case study analysis for a case study related to ethical issues of new and emerging technologies.


Wheeler, J. (2018). Mining the first 100 days: Human and data ethics in Twitter research. Journal of Librarianship & Scholarly Communications, Special Issue, 6, 1–23.

  • Write a case study analysis explaining the ethical issues related to the study. (Case Study Attached) Your case study analysis should be a minimum of 1500 words, which is around 6 double-spaced pages, written in an appropriate format. References and in-text citations should be in APA format.
  • Follow the “How to Write a Case Study Analysis” provided in the link above. Include the following:
  • Use  SWOTT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and technology) tool to perform your analysis and show the diagram or provide a complete explanation of how the tool was used in your analysis.

  • Identification of major issues
  • Identification of alternative courses of action
  • Recommended course of action
  • Justification for course of action, citing sources to support your recommendation.
  1. Additional Guidelines:
    1. Only provide a brief paraphrase and summary of the case to provide context. Use the case study to answer key questions and identify key issues. Base analysis and recommendations on course material and relevant outside research.
    2. Begin with a holistic statement that will be supported with detail in following parts of your analysis.
    3. Do not assume the reader knows anything about your case. Provide detail required to help the reader understand.

Assignment Requirements

  1. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words, which is around 6 double-spaced pages.
  2. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font.
  3. Use APA formatting for paper, citations, and references.
  4. Be sure to cite your sources and provide the appropriate references.