IT545 Unit 2 Part 2

IT545 Unit 2 Part 2



 In this assignment, you assume you are a cybersecurity professional for an organization where this type of breach has occurred in an IoT architecture. You will now look at this problem from the cybersecurity professional’s perspective to determine how to mitigate against this type of attack in the future.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Assume you work for a Fortune 500 health care organization that has a wide variety of IoT devices connecting to the organization’s network. 
  2. Assume that the wireless system was hacked by breaking the WPA2 security protocol and that the hackers were able to then decrypt traffic on the wireless network. You believe that this breach allowed some personal health information to be obtained. 
  3. The CIO has asked you to identify mitigations to put into place in this system to ensure that this will not happen again. Use this week’s reading and research on the Internet to inform your response. Be sure to cite your sources.
  4. Your 2-page paper should include
    1. An introduction that discusses the type of breach that occurred 
    2. A discussion of the core concepts of Internet of Things security.
    3. Your proposed mitigation plan to harden this system against future attacks of the same type.
    4. A concluding paragraph explaining the urgency of the situation describing actions that must occur immediately, and discussing the need to act quickly.
    5. A references list – and be sure to cite your sources in the paper.

Assignment Requirements

The paper should be 2 pages, use 12 pt. Times New Roman, and be in APA format.