Management Strategies Handbook

Management Strategies Handbook

Imagine you work for a correctional-type facility and have been tasked with creating a handbook with detailed strategies for managing special issues involved with sex offenders in one of the following facilities: a jail, prison, or inpatient treatment setting.

Create a handbook for staff training which consists of a 1,500 word, which details strategies for dealing with the issues listed below. [The word count for the assignment does not include the reference listing and the title page.] Be sure to include research to support your discussion.

Topics to discuss in your handbook:

  1. Preventing sexual assault in the facility
  2. Psychotherapeutic treatment options
  3. Placing victims in separate housing
  4. Undiagnosed sex offenders
  5. Strategies for dealing with resistance to treatment

Minimum of 3 sources 

Format the reference list and citations in your handbook are to be consistent with APA guidelines. Subheading between topics will be helpful.