Math 2100 4

Math 2100 4

Part 1

Instead of answering questions, this week you will be creating your own concept map for the chapter. I have previously posted one for chapters 1 and 2 (in the additional learning tools folder) and now it is your turn to practice.

Here is a great video explaining the process of creating a map as well as showing you how to use the free mapping software I use. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8XGQGhli0I0 Note that this covers a topic unrelated to your concept and your map must cover ALL of chapter 3 that we cover in the lectures. 

You do not need to use this software, you can use another software, powerpoint or just draw your map by hand. 

This website is a written description of the process of making a concept map https://www.lucidchart.com/pages/concept-map#discovery__top

After you have created your map please write a paragraph about how you created your map, why you chose what you chose, why you linked specific terms, etc. Basically just explain to me your train of thought. 

There is a rubric attached to this assignment. Please make sure you look at that to know how you will be graded. 


Part 2

This is the first part to the case study that you will be doing throughout the semester. This project shows you how to run tests, analyze the results, and draw conclusions. All directions and steps for the tests that need to be performed can be seen starting on the second page of the Chapter 3 Statcrunch Document.

Please follow the formatting guidance listed in the template:

– Introduce the data you are working with

– Introduce the test you will be doing

– Insert first test images scaled to fit the document

– Discuss your findings and introduce the next test

– Insert second test results scaled to fit the document

– Discuss the finding and any conclusions

Times new roman font and double space should be used. DO NOT put labels like task 1, task 2. DO NOT just post all your images and put a paragraph at the bottom. DO NOT provide multiple separate uploads. 

There is a rubric for this assignment and I allow you to resubmit. Please view the rubric carefully.