Module 2-2 post responses (2)

Module 2-2 post responses (2)

Hello all,

I need help drafting responses to the two discussion posts (files attached): 

Summary for replies- 

Respond to at least two peers and comment on their assessment of how their leaders helped stakeholders know the "why" of the organization. Please include 2 scholarly resources and APA format for citations. 

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Post by Amanda-

Hello Everyone,

The company I currently work for is a Daycare we open from 5:30am-6:00pm. What we do is teach kids their Numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc. How we do it is we have books that we have to follow for the month that we teach the kids, but every room teaches different things. For summer in my room at the moment we are teaching them how to make little things that if parents ask them to help with they will know how to help.  We teach kids because we help them grow and learn who they are and get ahead of grade school and a positive role for little brains.

Yes it is clear to all stakeholders on why we teach kids what we teach them at the daycare. We have a strong relationship with the parents of our kids. They know all our long-term goals and short-term goals that we have for the kids. They can see the progress that the kids make every week to show that we take teaching our kids classes very personally. The parents also help set goals for their kids at times when they want to see them achieve goals. I have worked in almost every room in the daycare, and I can say that PreK is one class that has more fun than anyone else in the daycare.


Post by Nicole-    

According to Simon Sinek "the golden circle" is a tool that can help organizations discover their purpose, using a three step analysis defining the, how, and why of a company (Haski-Leventhal, 2021).  I currently work for a personal lines insurance company that has been serving customers needs for over 100 years. Our what is our policy offerings. We are primarily known for offering auto, home, and life insurance policies but we offer an array of policies catered to our insureds personal needs. Our how id through sales. We have a fantastic team on the front-line that provides 24-hour service as needed to new, long-term and potential insureds. We are a preferred risk insurer which mean just because someone calls to get a policy with us, does not mean we will offer one. This shows our customers how intentional we are about our book of business because we want to ensure we can support them during a loss. 

Our why is people and it is very evident that is the case. The core of my company's mission is to create peace of mind and build enduring relationships and that is exactly what we do. Senior leadership has done an incredible job at fostering a culture where people come first. Not only is this ingrained in the customer experience but also internally for employees.


Haski-Leventhal, D. (2021). Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (2nd ed.). SAGE Publications, Ltd. (UK). Retrieved from  https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/books/9781529764628