Nursing Discssion ” Interoperability

Nursing Discssion ” Interoperability

Due 1/16  5 pmEST

250 words, not including  min 1 reference APA


Interoperability in healthcare is an important but very complex issue. There are many issues to address in order to create an easy transition from one system to the next. Listed are 4 levels of interoperability. For this assignment you will select and utilize one of the levels. 

  • Foundational (Level 1): Establishes the inter-connectivity requirements needed for one system or application to securely communicate data to and receive data from another
  • Structural (Level 2): Defines the format, syntax and organization of data exchange including at the data field level for interpretation
  • Semantic (Level 3): Provides for common underlying models and codification of the data including the use of data elements with standardized definitions from publicly available value sets and coding vocabularies, providing shared understanding and meaning to the user
  • Organizational (Level 4): Includes governance, policy, social, legal and organizational considerations to facilitate the secure, seamless and timely communication and use of data both within and between organizations, entities and individuals. These components enable shared consent, trust and integrated end-user processes and workflows

In this discussion board respond to the following prompts:

  • Identify the interoperability level you are utilizing for the assignment and a rationale to support your selection of that level.
  • Describe the benefits interoperability provides between healthcare systems.
  • Discuss some of the actual or potential concerns that may be associated with interoperability between healthcare systems.