Part 2 Asignment

Part 2 Asignment

Please see attachment. 

Part two assignment

After you demonstrate skills related to engagement in Assignment 1 through your

Engagement Role-Play, you provide a brief report of the overall experience in this



PART 2: Engagement Role-Play Report

In 1–2 pages, provide:

A description of the fictional agency setting and types of services provided at this


A description of the client system (depending on the client scenario you

selected—micro, mezzo, or macro)

An explanation of the presenting concern

A description of the client session scene in which you implement the GIM step

and practice skills you have selected for working with this client system

A description of the techniques you used to implement the GIM step and the

practice skills you selected for the client interaction that occurs between you, as

the social work intern, and the client(s)

A description of the visual cues or non-verbal communication that both the social

worker and the client exhibited during the interaction that support the GIM step

and practice skills you selected

An identification of specific practice techniques/skills demonstrated