Piaget’s cognitive stage theory

Piaget’s cognitive stage theory


Please select one of the assignment options below.  

See link below for a good example of what I am looking for regarding the conservation experiment, but PLEASE ADD, a description of the cognitive stage that the child is in according to Piaget.  State whether your experiment is aligned with Piaget's theory.


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Option 1 – Piaget's Cognitive Stage Theory (Create a video and participate in discussion)

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Must post first.

Note: This is option 1 of Week 3 Assignments (20 points). If you completed the writing assignment on Piaget for this discussion, you do not have to complete this assignment.

Watch Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development (6:55), Piaget's Conservation Experiments (3:49), and Object Permanence (4:05). Then record your own experiment and upload the video here. 

Click on the links below for specific assignment details. 

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Option 2 -Option 2 – Piaget (Overview of Cognitive Theory and Description of Assessement)

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Note: This is option 2 of Week 3 Assignments (20 points).  If you completed the video on Piaget's cognitive stages, you do not have to complete this assignment. 

  • Please provide an overview of Piaget's cognitive theory.
  • Describe the characteristics of each developmental stage (ages, abilities, examples, etc.)
  • Try at least two of Piaget's classic assessments on a child between the ages of  6 mo – 13 years.  (Make sure the tests are age-appropriate). 
    • Describe your participant (age, gender, etc.)
    • Describe the assessment(s) and process.
    • Did the participant respond as Piaget predicted? (Provide examples