Students will conduct a thorough analysis of a company of their choice and provide a Marketing Brand Proposal and Recommendations for the organization using the template below.

APA Papers 1


MGMT 4580

Disruptive Strategic/ Marketing Plan



Indent first sentence of each paragraph – tell the reader what this paper is about…remember that you are provide a specific consumer brand offering / service. This is a disruptive marketing plan for the United States only. Do not discuss global expansion in this paper.

Disruptive Brand Plan

Identify a brand that you would like to change their approach to their marketing and/or business practices. This must be a consumer tangible product OR a service company. Here are some examples, a cruise line that would change the vacation experience for the customers. You want everyone to talk about their experience and share with their friends and family (word of mouth). Or it could be a company that changes to all ‘green’ and that drives more interest and marketing coverage for this brand.

Marketing Mix

Discuss here the 4Ps that would have to be modified to make these changes. At this point it is very high-level. Remember that these changes the mix must be affordable. You cannot say for example that you are a car brand that is going to give a cruise to everyone that buys your vehicle…that could bankrupt a company. But what would change below? The product itself? Would the price have to change? Would you distribute this differently (place of purchase)? And then how would you promote this ‘disrupted’ product differently?


Brief recap of the key attributes of this product identified above today and how it might change.


Today’s pricing is discussed here. Provide the exact price of your product and the source. If it is sold in multiple locations, provide three examples of pricing found via your research. How might this have to change?

Distribution (Place)

Current distribution plan for this product. This is where consumers can buy your product. If your product is sold at several online and brick & mortar locations – provide at least five examples.

Promotion / Communications

How does this brand communicate their brand offering today? How would you improve this? You may use this submission (based on feedback you receive) as the start of your week seven paper.

Market Segments – Current Target Market

What are the target market(s) that this brand is now focusing on…

New Primary and New Secondary Target Market

Identify two new segments that you recommend your brand goes after.

New Primary Target Market

The new target market that this product should focus on is …..the overall size of this new opportunity is…focus FIRST on demographics and then you can go into other specific psychographic traits.

New Secondary Target Market

The second new target market that this product should focus on is …..the overall size of this new opportunity is… focus FIRST on demographics and then you can go into other specific psychographic traits.

Demographic & Economic Trends

Describe some supporting external trends that are making this change needed by your company.

Analyzing the Consumer Market

Social Factors

How are customer behaviors changing that would support this change.

Psychological Factors


Customer Needs

What needs does this product satisfy today for consumers? What else could they do to disrupt the marketplace and over achieve on delivering customer’s needs?


The new positioning statement for this brand is…


You must review competitors in this format

Criteria for Comparison


Your BRAND After This New Disruptive Idea is Launched

Competitor # 1 – name that brand

Price – MSRP Range

Product Unique Attributes

Placement – points of distribution

Promotion – where / how do they advertise

Other Items of Comparison (replace with YOUR comparison point)

Finally discuss what changes you would recommend to take to beat your competition. Remember, APA does not allow first person – so your response should be statements like this – ‘Starbucks should start home delivery…’ or whatever your creative new ideas are and of course, your instructor expect academic support for your new ideas!

Market Research Plans

Describe how you would conduct market research for this new idea. Base this on your taking over the responsibility for this brand in the marketplace. What kind of market research would you like to conduct and why? Where would you conduct this research in the United States (one location or multiple locations)? Time of year for research event if that matters.

Promotion Plans

Based on your brand’s disruptive idea, what are your plans?

Social Marketing

What does this brand do today to support social media marketing? What would you recommend that they do that perhaps they are not doing today?

Public Relations

What plans would you have to get ‘free’ publicity? What are your key ideas to get television and print exposure via non-paid media? What are the risks and benefits for you?

Traditional Marketing

Advertising Plan for your customers – billboards, television, radio, and other traditional marketing approaches.

Financial Viability of Plan

Based on your brand’s disruptive idea, how does this make financial sense? Think about what you would tell the Financial Team at your company. This is not a finance class, but they are NOT going to approve this unless you can convey clearly / crisply why this is a financially suited idea. What could happen if this is NOT launched? Don’t forget you are ‘disrupting’ their financial world – so ‘market’ this well to your numbers people!

Relationship Marketing

Building relationships with your customer base is omnipotent in business. How does this idea support closer relationships with your customer base?

Socially Responsible Marketing

In the marketing for this brand – in regards to societal marketing – what would you recommend that your brand does to give back?

Student May Add New Topic Here

Use this template strictly. However, you may desire to cover new ground that is not listed here. No problem, add your new sections in APA style between Socially Responsible


If you were named the brand manager for this product/service tomorrow – what key actions would you recommend based on all you learned about this brand over the past few weeks?


In summary, xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx – should be no more than 6,500 words. Page count is from Introduction to Conclusion only.


You need Marketing Journals to support your paper – read grading rubric. Use authored sources primarily. You may use some of your readings from this semester, BUT you also need TEN new scholarly sources for this paper. Validate that every reference listed here is clearly cited within your paper. Your instructor will be checking this – so before you submit, please perform your due diligence.