Political Memorandum

Political Memorandum


Political Memorandum 

For this, you will assume the role of the head of government and community relations for the university of your choice. After a national search, a new president has just been chosen to assume office in two months’ time. In this transition period, prepare a memorandum for the new president in which you identify and describe the emerging political issues on your campus, your suggestions as to how the president interact with government officials and the community, and the single most important item that you think deserves their attention.

In taking on this role, you should synthesize issues covered throughout the semester and demonstrate an understanding of the key components of selected issues via your memorandum.

Please keep in mind that presidents are busy, especially when they are new to a campus, and keep it concise, yet include all information and details they will need to know.

Scoring Guide:

_____ (0-2) Chosen issues of focus appropriate and vital

_____ (0-1) History provided where needed

_____ (0-2) Rationales provided for suggested paths

_____ (0-1) Clear, concise, and informative

_____ (0-1) Reference page 

_____ (0-1) APA 7th Ed. format

_____ (0-1) Spelling and grammar

_____ (0-1) Professional tone