Requirements (Must be complete and submitted on a Microsoft Power Point Presentation (PPT) 

Imagine that you are a newly hired Health Informatics Consultant for a small private physician’s practice. The head physician would like to expand their electronic service offerings so that they can better serve rural patients. The head physician is on board for the expansion, however, his/her associate is reluctant to make the changes in their current healthcare delivery model.

Select one (1) of the following types of healthcare technology: Tele-health, E-visits, E-health, m-health, Health Information exchange, connected health or Telepsychology and create a persuasive argument as to the benefits of this technology for patients and the practice.

Create a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Presentation is 10–15 slides in length. (Title and reference slides are required but are not counted as a part of the PPT).
  • Title Page:Student Name (First and Last)–>Title of Article: Health Informatics Consultant
  • Include an overview and a detailed description of the healthcare technology of choice.
  • Give pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages) of the chosen technology.
  • Explain why the particular chosen technology is a good business decision.
  • Explained how the selected technology facilitates effective communication.
  • Include and discuss at least one slide that is a visual representation the workflow/communication process using your selected technology.
  • Speaker notes are required: Use of the speaker’s notes for areas that contains detailed information, while the slides appear uncluttered.
  • A min. of two (2) references are required in AMA format
  • Make sure your PPT is engaging/creative.