ProW1:Topic 1a: Professional Opportunities

ProW1:Topic 1a: Professional Opportunities

Topic 1a: Professional Opportunities

Project managers drive change and innovation. Reading about the history of project management illustrates the innovation that project management supported in the past and continues to support today. Now take a moment to think about an exciting product or service that you use. It is highly likely that this product or service was designed/developed/created/built by a team, led by a project manager. Using a familiar job search website (e.g., Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed), use the search term “project manager” to search for project manager jobs. Note how many responses come back, then narrow the search to look for companies that provide the product or service you chose. See what types of project managers they are looking for and find a job posting in which you might be interested.

1. Now, in your initial response, explain where you made your initial search and the number of jobs you found.

2. Then explain why you chose that company, that particular job, and what the requirements are for that position.

3. Include a link to the web page that contains the job description you chose.

Topic 1b: Important Project Manager Skills

Watt (2014) makes a significant case for communication skills to be the most important skill or characteristic in a project manager. After communication skills, what is the next single most important skill or characteristic in a project manager to ensure project success? Defend your choice and be sure to use the course readings. (Choose just one skill or characteristic, then make a case).

Please, make sure you add in-text citation and references; and getInTouch, prosperpm55atyah.comif possible, just to make sure all present n future works/response are done in time. Thanks