Select One topic below to write your initial discussion post. (minimum of 250 words; your reply to a peer should be a minimum of 75 words… SEE BELOW)

1. What does the statement mean that communication within and between cells is an electrochemical process?

2. Are research results on the brain more compelling to you than are research results from survey studies on attitudes? Why or why not? How does biological research such as studies of the brain influence public opinion regarding the science of psychology?

3. A well-documented phenomenon experienced by millennials is the phantom vibration of a cell phone when no actual text message has been received. How can we use signal detection theory to explain this?

Notes about discussions

Aim for discussion postings that are thoughtful, well developed and that, extend the course discussion in concrete ways.  Drawing from helpful outside sources to support your ideas, including relevant examples to illustrate your point and posting thoughtful questions about the readings are all ways of developing your discussion postings.  

Aim for initial postings of at least 250 words and responses to others that are at least 75 words.  Please avoid posting short responses to others such as, "Great post", "I agree," or "Me too."  Instead, think in terms of commenting on specific areas of others' posts.  In addition to using fully expressive postings, please remember to always proofread and spell check your work.