Quality Benchmark Project

Quality Benchmark Project

I have attached a few documents. Please take a look

Please read the 
Quality Benchmark Project Description 

Pick a topic of interest and begin organizing your project.

Part 1 requires minimum 2-pages. You will need a title page, an introduction paragraph, body, and a reference page. You will 
not have a conclusion for Part 1. All format must be in 7th edition APA. 

For the intro of your paper, address the following objective:

· Introduction to the Quality Benchmark Project.

· What will the reader expect to learn in the paper?

· An intro should not be longer than 1/2 of the first page.

For the body of your paper, address the following objectives and separate using distinct paragraph headers:

· Description of the Quality Issue

· Background Information of the Quality Issue

· Previous Attempts to Address the Quality Issue

After Part 1 is graded, you will be expected to use the instructor feedback to improve Part 2. If you do not use this feedback to improve Part 2, your next submission will get a ‘0’.